About Us

The Vitruvian Man is a world-renowned drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci circa 1487. It is stored in the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, Italy.

So why the old drawing?
Why are we using Leonardo da Vinci?

We wanted to make something that was fun and had a little history involved. Not so much you were worried about a pop quiz later, but enough that it might stick with you. Also, the game is about the math of the body in motion, the art of form and its relationship to the world around us….?And the guy you are trying to stick with a sword…
We could not think of anyone we would rather pay homage to, the image is public domain, but we still want to pay attention and respect to one of the people that inspired us.

Lexicons of Dueling is fast to learn, just watch the video. Fast to play, easy to understand, and has hundreds of variations to the outcome of a battle! The tactics are not just in the cards, it involves you learning your opponent’s style, the way they are thinking, and trying to figure out their next move! While they do the same to you! Each card has defense/attack/body positioning and weapon flow represented in such a way that you could even imagine the actions you are performing as you play.

Ah, so it is a perfect representation of every fighting option you could ever imagine, right?

Nope. This game rocks the house, but we are not going to claim the ridiculous. It is just a really cool way of representing a whole bunch of options in a way that can be played quickly and fairly. But fear not! If this gets hot and we get moving, more options will appear in the future. This is the basic set for the first weapon. Basic English Longsword, Right Handed. There will be other weapons. And yes, some day a southpaw edition for our left handed brethren.

So what makes this different from any other card game?

There are a lot of great card games out there. This will be one of them. Let us list a few of the best points.

NOT a collectible card game! There are no perfect combos other than the ones your opponent didn’t block. There are no super rare cards that will imbalance the game to those who can afford them. Every player has an equal chance to win, if they keep their wits about them, or get the opponent to lose theirs.

Affordable! Each deck will be on the shelf for about $15.00. We wanted to make a game we could afford too.

When you fight in organized tournaments your peasant can rise from squire to knight, and even be a king someday! Status cards that can increase your chance of victory, but not to the degree that a peasant cannot still best a king; if he plays his cards right. Anyone can win against anyone – if they play their cards right.

Simple! Addition and subtraction rules; no tokens, no paper, no life counter, no phases, no arguing rules. The deck is all you need to play… and an opponent. That will help a lot. You can practice with a single deck random solitaire if you want, but it is much more challenging with a thinking opponent.