The Third Convocation! Wicked Faire 2018!

Glimmerdark has ended and Wicked Faire is Reborn!

Life has been glorious busy. But, though the pauses are long we are about to lean into a great deal of work.

We are preparing for the Third Lexicons of Dueling Sidhe Court LARP Convocation. This one will be the best yet! Wicked Faire has returned and we gladly join the revel!

But wait! We fully intend to have prepared for Kickstarting one of our most awaited decks to publish. The Japanese Katana! We are collecting art and preparing the demo deck to have ready for the Convention. This is no easy feat, but we hope to have the Kickstarter up and running for the convention.

I apologize for the website being so silent. It got hacked a while back and I lost the sign in change. My brain bad. We will be a little more active in the near future on a more steady basis.

There are a few more really cool surprises, but I will only post when I have them in hand…

Thank you all so much!

William W. Refsland

So Awakens the Warrior!

Dearest Reader

It has been too long! So many stories to tell! Life lived most fully! I hope this post finds you healthy, hale and happy! Where have we been all this past year, you may ask? New jobs, new plans and a happy adoption! Hey I saw the backers finally go up on the website! About time you say!? I bow to your righteous wave of a fist, and can only beg your forgiveness and move forward.

The Muse has struck most handily again, this time with more vigor than ever. We are on the cusp of greatness! Two decks down and published! The third Lexicons in the set is on the way to Kickstarter this week! The Two Handed Scottish Claymore! The last in this series before we move to the Japanese Katana Next Year…we hope…

But wait even more excitement! We will Be attending the Wicked Faire 2016 again this year.

We will be demoing our previous decks, play-testing the latest deck we are previewing for the Kickstarter, AND if that wasn’t enough we are going to debut the Lexicons of Dueling Sidhe Court Fae LARP at the same time! What is this LARP you ask? Well let us explain. It is using (with a few minor simplifications) the Lexicons of Dueling Game Engine for a LARP. Live Action Role Playing as they call it.

So if you are a previous supporter, keep yours eyes open for the next Lexicon in our collection! If you happen to be in the New Jersey area, or even only a state or two away, we recommend the Wicked Faire event. Come an adventure with us!

Let us discover another realm of possibilities!

Be Well my companions!

William W. Refsland


The Wicked Weekend Awaits

We are very pleased to be part of a very cool convention.

If you have the time this weekend come on by and take a look. Our booth will be set up with Demos and all sorts of loot for our game. If you are signing on from the convention, welcome to our meager start of our home published  game (with some help from Kickstarter and great supporters)! We have worked with Jeff Mach’s conventions in the past and had a blast, so here we go again! This convention marks our foray into putting our game on the market and test running our table for even larger conventions.

Hope to see you there!

Welcome to the Next Step

We have been chipping away at life itself, and it has been slow to get things done, but this is the first step in a new start for the Website. We will be posting more and finding a means of retailing the Decks that we have created to those who are interested.

Her is to our first new steps in a while. More to come

Blessings on your houses

Lexicons of Dueling

Lexicons Play Instructions!

First Post! Finally!

Dear Supporters or those who have shown interest in our game, Lexicons of Dueling.

It has been a long time getting to figure out how to get this site going, but now that I have at least a novice idea of what I’m doing, that wait is over.

We will be doing some demo videos and some previews of our new deck this weekend at: if you can find the time and you are near Morristown NJ, it is a great time.

If you are a supporter from our Kickstarter, you will be seeing your name or callsign soon on one of our pages.

I can not tell you how happy I am to have gotten this in motion. More to follow very soon.