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Our Lady Roxana Hire!

I can not praise the beauty and professionalism of this good woman enough. We have supplied a few links to show you some of the other work she has been involved with and the amazing photographers who have worked with her. She is actually a true gamer and not one of the faux foxes that are sometimes seen at conventions. We are a starting game company and she was both energetic and accommodating in her dealings with us. We are very proud of working with her and recommend her to any professional that is looking for a model that knows what she is doing, and is cool to boot.

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Roxane Hire work with with Roxana Hire

Authors notation: In a desire to avoid offending any true gamer ladies out there! If you game and truly enjoy it, then you qualify as one of those awesome ladies. And I personally thank you for being a part of the culture. If ladies like you where not around, I would not have met my beloved wife. So bless you all.